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5 Important Things to Do Before Moving To Your New Home

Got your own place and very excited to finally move in? Congratulations on your new home!

moving to a new home

We know that you’ll want to make living in your new home as great as it can be right off the bat. So we thought to give you a quick list of the essential things you need to do before finally settling in to your new abode:

Secure your new home

According to a new survey, most of us would not change the locks when moving to a new property. But experts advise us to do so. Changing the lock especially of the main and back door is one of the essential things to do before moving your family to your new home. If you’re pleased with your home’s locks but you’re afraid extra copies of the key are floating around, you have a simpler option: rekeying.

For most people, buying a new house is the largest purchase they’ll ever make, so spending a few extra money  just for the peace of mind of knowing who has a key to it seems sensible. So don’t forget and don’t underestimate the importance of changing your lock or rekeying. Your family’s security is worth the small fee and minimal effort required.

Clean up the house

This will be the only time you’ll have your new home without any belongings. It will be harder to do a thorough clean once your things are in place. So start from high to low- clean up all the mess & dust while your new home is a blank slate. Whether you hire a cleaning company or do the cleaning yourself, you’ll feel much better having the inside of the cabinets clean already when you’re unpacking your dishes or clothes.

Update your contact info

Change your address with creditors, financial institutions, schools, publications, and anyone else that is important. You can do this by scheduling a call to these institutions or if available- update your information online. The easiest and fastest way to let your friends know your new address is to post “I’ve moved” on your favorite Social Media platform.  Be careful though when you do this – make sure that you’re sharing the new address only to the people you can trust.

Create a moving-in essentials box

This is a box full of everything you’ll need first at your new home: scissors, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, paper products, and a first aid kit. Either you keep this box with you as you move, or load it last so you can unload it at your new home first. Believe me; you can’t unpack every box in just one day!

Familiarize yourself with your new home and neighborhood

Drive around the area. Find the local grocery store, hospitals or Doctor’s clinic, post office, bank, and other necessary businesses.  This way, you’ll already know where they are when you need them. It also won’t hurt if you walk around the neighborhood and make friends with your neighbor to-be and greet them.

Do you have any move-in tip that you think should be included here? Please let us know by making a comment below.

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